Find Your Polling Place

Use the Minnesota Secretary of State's Polling Place Finder

Go to this website:

Simply enter your address to use this tool to find:

  • Your Polling Place (where you vote, map & directions)
  • Districts for your precinct (including maps)
  • "Candidates on My Ballot" (candidates and questions on the ballot at your next election, when available

Polling Place Accessibility

All polling places should be fully accessible to elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.  This includes clearly marked accessible doors, curb cuts or ramps where necessary, and at least one parking space for persons with disabilities near the accessible entrance.

Personal Assistance

If you need assistance due to the inability to read English or have a physical inability to mark a ballot you may obtain the assistance of any individual you choose with the exception of the following: your employer, agent of your employer, officer or agent of your union, or a candidate for election.

Alternatively, you may obtain the aid of two election judges who are members of different political parties. See Minnesota Statutes, Section 204C.15 for more information.

If you can’t easily leave your car, you can ask for the ballot to be brought out to you in your car. Two election judges from different political parties will bring the voting materials out and assist you.

For more information:
Sara Grafstrom, 
Director of Advocacy and Community Relations
651-291-1086, ext. 8