What Can You Do to Promote Grassroots Involvement?

As a leader within your agency or organization, you have the power to set the tone for grassroots work and encourage your network to get involved in helping shape public policy for residential care facilities. The grassroots involvement from your staff, clients, and family members helps put a human face on the work your agency is doing and compliments ARRM's direct lobbying efforts by helping legislators understand the day-to-day realities of funding cuts and policy decisions.

We understand that your time is valuable and scarce, and developed the following "bite-sized" grassroots activities to help you get started in building grassroots participation within your agency.

Share the power of grassroots with your staff and family members
Use ARRM's Grassroots Messages to discuss the importance of staff, family member, and client involvement at an upcoming staff meeting. Let them know their personal experiences make a difference and encourage them to share these stories with their legislators.

Share your agency's experience with your decision-makers
Invite key decision-makers to attend your agency's upcoming event or host them for a site visit. This can help educate them about the importance of your work and the value you are providing to the community. Download a Site Visit Toolkit (Word doc) to get started.

Participate in the upcoming ARRM First Friday Phone-In calls
Join these monthly calls available to ARRM members to learn more about ARRM's grassroots priorities and the tools available to you.

Promote grassroots advocacy to your network

Post a link to the ARRM's website and/or ARRM Facebook or Twitter pages on your agency's website. Encourage your network to join.

Offer grassroots training to staff, family members and people you support

Take advantage of existing grassroots resources, including training opportunities from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, the MN-CCD, and The Arc. Also, watch ARRM's blogs and website for training opportunities, and encourage your staff, family members, or clients to attend. 

Become a grassroots mentor 

If you'd like to share your passion and ideas for grassroots advocacy with your peers, contact Sara Grafstrom at sgrafstrom@arrm.org.

For more information:
Sara Grafstrom,
Director of Advocacy and Community Relations
651-291-1086, ext. 8