Optimize staff resources (hours and utilization) and support persons-served better using today’s technology.

Demographic shifts will result in a growing divergence in the availability of caregivers and those who need care. As a result, the cost of caregivers will increase significantly over the next decade.

Technology solutions provide support that is less intrusive and more inclusive, all while increasing the overall quality of life in individuals served. Technology solutions can provide individuals with tools to help them control more of their life without direct intervention by caregivers. Reduced presence of caregivers encourages individuals to try and do more for themselves, learning and gaining self-confidence and independence.

As a hub of information, the Technology Resource Center serves as a guide to implement technology solutions—it all starts with a conversation.

Begin the process to:

  • Learn how to get started
  • Find out how it can be funded
  • See what other providers are doing
  • Engage and gain consensus from family and staff

The Conversation

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The conversation is a collaboration between providers, case managers, and families to explore how using technology can help increase independence and safety for persons served.

Start the conversation

The Planning

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Learn about best practices and frequently asked questions for plan development. This planning guide may be used to avoid common pitfalls and to set realistic timelines.

Begin planning

The Funding

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Find out what funding is available and the requirements for submission.  Forms needed are available in the technology Resource Library.

Seek funding

The Implementation

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Learn about the installation process and what to expect. The equipment is only part of the story.  Create a comprehensive training plan for caregivers and persons served with this guided process.

Implement technology

The Measurement

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Measure how well your solution is working. Find out what key indicators should be reviewed to decide if adjustments are needed or if the current solution can be expanded to achieve greater reach.

Measure success